Electric grinder lowers operating costs

H&H Excavating Company 028by Jon M. Casey
With ever increasing fuel prices an ongoing part of daily operations, it didn’t take Mike Hartman at H&H General Excavating, Inc. in Spring Grove, PA, long to make the decision to switch to an electric powered Diamond Z HZ 7000E grinder when it was time to replace their existing unit. Having owned several other Diamond Z grinders over the years, the decision was easy. “We found that it was time to replace our HDZ7000 diesel unit, we looked into an electric powered model as its replacement,” said Hartman. “So far, it has been an excellent experience.” [Read more…]

WHEN May 2013

WHEN May 2013

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Bobby Goodson, owner of Goodson’s All Terrain Logging, Inc. finds the Bandit 2590 to be an ideal choice.


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  • Cranes, Delimbers and Chippers: Tools of the trade for Krawiec Tree Service by Kristen M. Castrataro
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