Morbark Spring Demo Days hosts visitors from six nations

Morbark Dealer Days 125by Jon M. Casey
Morbark President, Jim Shoemaker, welcomed more than 150 people from six nations to 2013 Spring Demo Days, the first of two such events for Morbark this year. The two day event held May 16 and 17, featured a manufacturing plant tour, equipment demonstrations of nine of Morbark’s grinding and chipping line of products, and a trio of presentations by industry experts who offered insights into marketing opportunities for those in the recycling industry. Host and Morbark CEO Lon Morey, said that this year’s event looked to highlight innovative machines for biomass production. [Read more…]

Still swamped

WH-FT-Still Swamped 1The cameras might be gone, but Bobby Goodson and the Swamp Loggers crew are still famous, still extreme, and with the help of a Bandit Model 2590, busier than ever.
by Christopher Smith
JACKSONVILLE, NC — At first glance, this logging road in rural Southeast North Carolina seems like any other. But a closer look reveals a sign informing people that a work zone is ahead where safety gear is required, and visitors are not allowed. That is unusual because normal logging operations aren’t typically sought after destinations for travelers, but Goodson’s All Terrain Logging crew from Jacksonville, North Carolina isn’t exactly normal. Aside from wielding the special equipment needed to traverse and successfully harvest timber in swampy terrain, the entire operation was the focus of the popular reality TV show Swamp Loggers. The show first aired in 2009. It was cancelled in early 2012 after 36 episodes. The fame it brought to Bobby Goodson and his crew however, continues. [Read more…]