An elite force of nomadic wood processing professionals

ASC 55The more than 85 seasoned wood processing experts with Sarasota, FL -based Consolidated Resource Recovery are constantly on the go in search of the next biomass fuel harvest.
by Randy Happel
By definition, nomadic refers to people who typically move about from place to place as a means to obtain food or make a living —i.e., individuals who offer their skills and services to those in need. In today’s industrialized society, because the stereotype that comes with being called nomadic is often associated more closely with instability than productivity; most of us would refute even the mere suggestion of being considered nomads. Yet at Consolidated Resource Recovery (CRR), a Florida based, recycled biomass products supplier, there is an elite workforce of professionals, proud to embrace the moniker of nomad. Together, they traverse Florida and Georgia demonstrating their wood processing skills.
“We don’t stay at one site very long,” says Ed Lee, vice president of CRR. “We are a very mobile business. Aside from a handful of employees who work primarily from one of our established processing sites with a few wheel loaders that are permanent fixtures at each, most equipment and personnel are constantly on the go.” [Read more…]