Ask the Grinder Guy – April 2014

ask-the-grinder-guyHey Grinder Guy, do I need a windrow turner?

If you are new to the composting industry, you are probably wondering what, when and why compost operations use windrow turners. Whether you are composting yard waste, food waste or sludge, a windrow turner can be an essential part of composting material but not necessary in every case. [Read more…]

Productive Equipment is Just What the Doctor Ordered

0493It’s rare that a company name describes the product or service that firm offers. Think Apple, Starbucks, Google or Exxon/Mobil, and those monikers hardly hint at what’s behind them. With The Tree Doctor, however, what you see is literally, what you get. The Rhode Island-based company, uses a combination of up-to-date technology and a proven arborist’s skill, to offer an in-depth knowledge of what’s best for its customer’s trees. As a result, The Tree Doctor has built a successful tree care business, firmly “rooted” in customer service and customer satisfaction. [Read more…]