Compost Central works to “wipe out waste!”

049by Jon M. Casey
Following the cleanup from Hurricane Hugo in the late 1980s, Mecklenburg County, home to Charlotte and several other municipalities, began working together to recycle waste in all its forms, but yard waste more specifically. Promoting recycling with their  Wipe Out Waste campaign, the county has met with unparalleled success. According to Stephen Hoffman, operations manager for Mecklenburg County’s Land Use & Environmental Service Agency, following Hurricane Hugo in the late 1980s, the county began yard waste recycling by leasing this site from the City of Charlotte, an 80-acre property located just south of the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. From then until now, their recycling program has grown to be one of the most successful municipal programs in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Hoffman, who hosted WHEN on a tour of “Compost Central,” Mecklenburg County’s largest of four recycling facilities and home base for the county yard waste recycling operation, noted that the success of this program has come partially because they operate their system as though it were a privately owned business. He said that in addition to this Compost Central facility, they also operate Foxhole Yard Waste Facility, Hickory Grove Yard Waste Facility and North Mecklenburg Yard Waste Facility, each strategically located around the county. [Read more…]

Attachment supplier demonstrates innovation and service

Komatsu-Boomby Jon Casey

A recent visit to Central Ohio provided, WHEN with the opportunity to see some of the latest C&D attachments and recycling industry innovations, during a stop at the Company Wrench facility in Carroll, Ohio. With a workforce of 130 people that serves the eastern U.S. Company Wrench (CW) offers a full lineup of attachments and material handling equipment with brands ranging from TEREX FUCHS and LaBounty to INDECO and Winkle. More importantly, over the years, CW has perfected the ability to meet customer needs through custom design and fabrication of new equipment and innovative modifications to existing equipment that makes recycling easier and safer for customers.
Gabe Clark, sales representative for the central Ohio area, highlighted some of the new items for us, as we toured the expansive CW equipment yard. “We are the largest LaBounty dealer in the country,” said Clark, “and we stock a sizable inventory of products so that our customers are able to take delivery on the attachment they need, when they need it. We inventory shears, concrete processors, grapples, the entire line. This new MSD4000R is a new item that has the body the size of a 3000 with the jaw capability of a 4500 model. That allows contractors to use a smaller excavator to do the work of a bigger one. That saves a lot of fuel in a short period of time.” [Read more…]