“Find a need and fill it” means something more to this recycler

Geiger 005by Jon M. Casey
For those who use the expression, “Find a need and fill it” as a prescription for success, that motto means several things to Steve Geiger, owner of Geiger Excavating, Inc. At his company’s concrete and asphalt recycling yard located at a former landfill site in Gahanna, OH, Geiger and his staff work together to meet the needs of local contractors with a destination for concrete and asphalt tear out. They also receive unwanted fill dirt and overburden too.

From those materials they provide much needed, site prep materials for back haul to construction jobsites however while that is going on, Geiger uses excess fill dirt that comes into the center, to backfill areas that need attention, part of the site reclamation and development project that is taking place. As some might like to call it, it is a Win Win Win situation! [Read more…]

Hard wood, soft mud, tough grind

Go Green (2)Persistent rains, saturated soils and dense woods hamper efforts to clear a 90-foot wide pipeline path through the Big Thicket region in East Texas.

by Randy Happel, features writer —Two Rivers Marketing, Des Moines, Iowa on behalf of Vermeer – Pella, Iowa

Because of Texas’s immense size and topography, climate changes dramatically from one side of the state to the other. While far west Texas is arid receiving little rainfall, Southeast Texas is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. On average, that area is the wettest part of the state. [Read more…]