Electric tub grinder gives Martin Animal Bedding added safety and fuel cost savings.

064by Jon M. Casey

When it comes to “finding a need and filling it,” Martin Animal Bedding of Goshen, IN has done just that. By diverting post-manufacturing wood waste materials generated by Elkhart County RV and mobile home manufacturers from local landfills, Martin Animal Bedding turns the wood waste into highly desirable animal bedding material for hundreds of dairy and livestock producers in northwestern Indiana. More importantly, owner Kevin Martin, found a way to improve productivity when he recently acquired a Morbark 1600 electric tub grinder. It not only turns the wood waste into clean, premium animal bedding in one pass, but also does the job without the emissions and fuel costs associated with similar diesel-powered units. [Read more…]

Kafka Granite recycles an unusual variety of specialty materials

191by Mary Weaver

Although Kafka Granite’s focus is on supplying high quality aggregate in a multitude of colors, to the architectural market, Glenn Kafka, owner, has long been known to lend a helping hand in solving problems faced by other businesses. In fact, Glenn Kafka’s problem-solving abilities have somewhat unexpectedly, landed him in the recycling business as well. When Kohler Co.’s Wisconsin landfills became seriously clogged with fresh-off-the-line porcelain toilets that did not meet the standards of Kohler’s inspectors, Wausau Tile, a long time Kafka Granite customer, intervened. They asked Glenn if he could crush the high-quality porcelain for Wausau Tile to use in a new line of products. Glenn Kafka’s ready reply was, “Heck yeah! I’ll crush anything.” [Read more…]