Kafka Granite recycles an unusual variety of specialty materials

191by Mary Weaver

Although Kafka Granite’s focus is on supplying high quality aggregate in a multitude of colors, to the architectural market, Glenn Kafka, owner, has long been known to lend a helping hand in solving problems faced by other businesses. In fact, Glenn Kafka’s problem-solving abilities have somewhat unexpectedly, landed him in the recycling business as well. When Kohler Co.’s Wisconsin landfills became seriously clogged with fresh-off-the-line porcelain toilets that did not meet the standards of Kohler’s inspectors, Wausau Tile, a long time Kafka Granite customer, intervened. They asked Glenn if he could crush the high-quality porcelain for Wausau Tile to use in a new line of products. Glenn Kafka’s ready reply was, “Heck yeah! I’ll crush anything.” [Read more…]