Organic recyclers and composters improve profitability with one versatile

WH-MR-1-Allu Attachments 4TETERBORO, NJ — ALLU Group Inc. introduces its line of Screener Crusher attachments for organic recyclers and composters. This line of attachments processes food waste in a single step — screening out contaminants and unwanted materials, reducing material to a uniform size, mixing and placing it into windrows for composting, as well as turning and aerating organic material. These versatile attachments are ideal for pre-processing food waste of all sizes and composition, fitting a variety of applications such as preparing organic material to pump through a digester. The attachments couple easily to an existing wheel loader, excavator, skid steer or backhoe, and allow operations to transport and process food waste in one step, without the use of expensive stationary crushers and screens. [Read more…]

Composting Municipal Green Waste at Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority

WH-MR-7-Composting Municipal004by Al Dorantes

Composted yard waste at Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (OHSWA) begins with the residents of Oneida and Herkimer counties. It is from their homes and businesses that green waste ends up in the recycling center in Utica, NY, That is, once the waste has been collected by municipalities. Day in and day out, trucks enter OHSWA loaded with grass clippings, leaves, limbs and branches and some food waste as well to begin a composting process that has become a regional success story. Each year, OHSWA keeps thousands of tons of brush and yard waste out of local landfills by producing certified compost. [Read more…]