Olmsted Waste to Energy facility burns waste for savings

1213by Bill and Mary Weaver

Olmsted County, MN is now reclaiming space at their Kalmar Landfill. At the same time, they are making money from electricity and steam heat produced by their Olmsted Waste to Energy Facility (OWEF). They also glean profit from the sale of recovered ferrous metal that they salvage from the ash. [Read more…]

One family plus two businesses equals winning formula

0023by Gregg Hennigan, features writer, photos provided by EcoMulch and Hamilton Tree Service

The synergy between Hamilton Tree Service and EcoMulch makes so much sense one might wonder why this type of business model isn’t more common.

Grant Hamilton is co-owner of both Northern California companies — the tree service with his father, Dex, and the mulch operation with his wife, Heather.

Hamilton Tree Service provides wood waste generated from its jobs to EcoMulch, saving on landfill tipping fees. And EcoMulch uses that material to manufacture mulch products and cogeneration boiler fuel. As Hamilton puts it, one company cuts the trees, and the other recycles the material.

While such a setup is logical, that doesn’t mean getting started was easy.

“You just don’t go and buy a grinder and think you’re in the mulch business,” Hamilton says. “The amount of preparedness, overtime and monetary investment is huge. You need a big yard, permits, loaders, trucks, grinder, trommel screen, color machine, a huge water supply, qualified employees, welder/mechanic truck, and most of all, enough capital to provide fuel and wear items such as grinder teeth.” [Read more…]