Hathaway Tree Service makes colored mulch from trees and brush cuttings

1431by Mary Weaver

photos by William Weaver

Hathaway Tree Service’s colored and natural mulch sales are booming, so much so that Rick Cordie, president of the family-owned Minnesota business said, “I need more trees than I’m getting.” The tree service, land clearing, and mulch-producing business employs 18, twelve full-time employees and the rest part- time college students. [Read more…]

OSC Manufacturing & Equipment Services Offers Contractors the Latest in C&D Equipment

2601by Jon M. Casey

OSC Manufacturing & Equipment Services, Inc. (OSC) was born out of the need for a free-standing arm of the OSC Group, according to Jon M. Williams, OSC President and CEO. With three locations in Buffalo, NY, Toronto, ON and Winnipeg, MB, the continued growth of OSC, a company devoted to specialty contracting including environmental and demolition contracting throughout the western hemisphere, brought about the creation of OSC Manufacturing & Equipment Services. The results are impressive. [Read more…]