Greenfield Rd Reconstruction features an important retaining wall

011-Sub-Varandas-Contruction-capping-wall1by Joe Parzych

Baltazar Contractors, Inc., of Ludlow, MA is involved in a $5.2 million roadway project that consists of reconstructing slightly less than 2 miles of Greenfield Road in Montague, MA. Soil conditions in that area are tough. Wet running sand overlaying wet clay on top of extremely hard re-cemented silica-rich shale, makes supervisor, Robert Macauley’s project a challenging one. Nevertheless, the job has gone well and it is on schedule, according to Macauley. [Read more…]

Sennebogen 870 Material Handlers Provide Critical Link In Pcb Remediation Of The Hudson River

870-M1Fort Edward, NY – Approximately three times a week, for six months of the year, trains depart from upstate New York, en route to one of three EPA-approved long-term disposal facilities. The trains, which are loaded with dewatered, PCB-containing sediments, represent the last leg of a complex environmental dredging project undertaken by General Electric Co. in New York’s Upper Hudson River. [Read more…]