Vermeer’s forestry tractor demonstrations highlight visit to Pella Iowa’s “Vermeer Mile”

Vermeer-Plant-31by Jon M. Casey

Earlier this year, in mid-July, Vermeer® Manufacturing Company introduced the latest addition to their Wood Waste line of products when they unveiled two Forestry Tractors, the FT-100 and the FT-300. Hosting a daylong factory tour and demonstration event for more than a dozen journalists representing wood waste and timber media, company officials welcomed the opportunity to point out the exciting features of these new products. They also showed why they are industry leaders in equipment manufacturing because of their successful application of the LEAN manufacturing process in their operation. LEAN is a system that serves to improve equipment quality while increasing worker’s morale and production efficiencies. [Read more…]

Anderson Timber Harvesting Company clears timber for Massachusetts Divisions of Fisheries and Wildlife

4-Cat545C-skidder-Kevin1by Joe Parzych

The Anderson Timber Harvesting Company, run by founder Mitch Anderson, clear-cut over 209 acres of the Montague Plains while leaving a select number of trees to reseed the land. According to Habitat Biologist Brian Holt Hawthorne of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, they want it to return that land to what it was before it was cleared by early farmers. Additionally, the state is hoping to clear another section of property that belongs to the Burek family of Montague, an area that is landlocked by state-owned land. The Burek land is composed of several lots. [Read more…]