Aeromaster Compost Turner an integral part of quality humus production

Penn-Valley-Farms-Composting-1119by Jon M. Casey

While a compost turner is routinely a peripheral component in the overall production of quality compost at many composting operations, at Penn Valley Farms, the Aeromaster PT-130 compost turner is critical to the manufacturing of their premium product line, aptly named Aeromaster Humus Compost. For many compost producers, the process is simple. Windrows of ground yard waste (mulch) is mixed with manure or other organic waste and is allowed to naturally decompose, being turned once or twice before becoming what is considered a final product after eight to twelve weeks on the composting pad. Often, this composting method is supplemented with food waste, vegetable waste and manure of various kinds. Even so, ordinary compost production does not result in a quality material like the Aeromaster Humus, formulated at Penn Valley Farms. [Read more…]

Tree Care Industry Expo celebrates 25th anniversary in Pittsburgh, PA

TCIA-Expo-2015-0151by Jon M. Casey

The David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA was the site of the 25th Anniversary TCI Expo hosted by the Tree Care Industry Association November 12 to 14. This year’s event welcomed more than 2,800 tree care professionals and more than 200 exhibitors for the three-day event. Attendees had the opportunity to see the latest in products and services for the tree care industry. They also could attend workshops and seminars that covered various aspects of arboriculture, tree climbing safety and general tree care business information. [Read more…]