Diamond Z and Construction & Industrial Equipment Corp. team up to lower production costs

by Jon M. Casey
When H&H General Contracting was looking for an economical replacement grinder, they called upon Brian Hartensveld of Construction & Industrial Equipment Corp. of Lodi, NJ, to meet their increasing production needs. With an eye on environmental concerns and the quiet and cost saving benefits that an electric powered grinder could offer H&H, the team went to work and the result was the installation of a new Diamond Z electric powered horizontal grinder from Rule Steel.
H&H General Excavating purchased the electric grinder after careful analysis of the capital and operating costs inherent in their landscape mulch and compost business. Charlie Hartman and son Mike have been a longtime/multiple Diamond Z wood grinder customer.  Their staff teamed with the Diamond Z design team to create a cost effective solution to their business requirements.  
Mike Hartman said they knew the operating costs of a diesel powered 7000 class grinder. With the availability of long term, stabile electricity contracts the acquisition of an electric grinder was a viable option.
Jack Moniger, CEO of Construction & Industrial Equipment commented on the lifetime service maintenance benefits that H&H will realize. “The customer decision to go ELECTRIC includes additional cost savings on hourly fuel consumption as well as the elimination of diesel engine maintenance and service charges,” he said. “It also eliminates weekly air filter change out programs and injector and turbocharger replacement costs.”
The electrical power consumption is 1000 Kwh under full load. The contracted price for 480V high demand power from the local utility is $0.09 per Kwh. When compared to the current costs of diesel fuel and a machine’s hourly fuel consumption rate, the savings can be significant.
The new DHZ 7000E has the ability to produce more than 150 tons per hour of ground yard waste mulch. At the same time, fuel and maintenance costs are reduced sharply. More importantly, without the burning of diesel fuel and the noise levels that accompany heavy equipment, the community surrounding H&H’s facility benefits from less air pollution and greater noise reduction, both exciting benefits of an electric powered unit.
For more information on the Diamond Z product line, visit their website at www.diamonz.com. Information about Construction & Industrial Equipment Corp. is available at www.constructionindustrial.com.

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