Morbark’s Boxer is a mini-skid steer capable of handling numerous tasks

236by Jon M. Casey

For contractors who are looking for ways to streamline their operation and at the same time, increase productivity, the Boxer® compact utility loader, manufactured by Morbark®, Inc., is capable of handling work of all kinds. Morbark purchased the Boxer Equipment product line from Mertz Manufacturing, LLC in late 2012. Following a March 29, 2013 unveiling of the first unit produced on the Winn, MI, assembly line, sales have continued to increase month over month. New markets are opening rapidly as customers are introduced to the proven lineup of equipment, as they realize the value of having a “full-time employee” without the reliability health and safety issues that often accompany asking workers to do heavy lifting, digging, loading and other tasks that can cause injury or possibly death. [Read more…]

Ben Weitsman of Owego recycles materials with precision

when julyby Jon M. Casey
For customers of Ben Weitsman of Owego, NY, the Weitsman “retail” scrap metal recycling center is a familiar sight. However, for those of us who have never visited this extremely well run and well maintained facility, touring the company’s facility was memorable. With the friendliness that only a local establishment can offer, the team at Ben Weitsman of Owego reminded us that the recycling experience could be a pleasant and reassuring one. [Read more…]