Ben Weitsman of Owego recycles materials with precision

when julyby Jon M. Casey
For customers of Ben Weitsman of Owego, NY, the Weitsman “retail” scrap metal recycling center is a familiar sight. However, for those of us who have never visited this extremely well run and well maintained facility, touring the company’s facility was memorable. With the friendliness that only a local establishment can offer, the team at Ben Weitsman of Owego reminded us that the recycling experience could be a pleasant and reassuring one. [Read more…]

IROCK builds tough, innovative equipment

April 22 086by Jon M. Casey

IROCK® has been building crushing and screening equipment for more than twenty years. With their headquarters located in Valley View, Ohio, a suburb of metropolitan Cleveland, IROCK prides itself as being an American business located in an area known for its quality equipment manufacturing. Recently, Waste Handling Equipment News had the opportunity to tour IROCK’s manufacturing plant. There, we learned more about their new marketing strategy and equipment innovations. [Read more…]