Right tools for the job make recycling asphalt for paving a year-round enterprise at Superior Asphalt.

Rxuzb6TcWF_LdbCk_APRkTVVk3333UHSzO-uaS8R1lMTLWgby Mary Weaver with Photos by William Weaver and Stacie Newmann where noted

Large asphalt plants in the Snow Belt often close down for the winter. Their customers make do with cold mix or warm mix for road patching. Fifteen years ago, however, Superior Asphalt’s owner Jeff Kresnak spotted a potential niche market for his young company in supplying western MI customers with a high quality Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) straight through the bitter Michigan winters. Armed with a top-of-the-line Bagela BA10000 asphalt recycler, and with a variety of lab-tested mixes using an average of 20% RAP, he started his new marketing plan. Since then, with many improvements in both the ingredients and the process, their winter hot mix has become a huge success. The company, with its first large HMA plant located in Caledonia, near Grand Rapids, has been in business since 1983, and has grown exponentially in recent years. [Read more…]

JCB wheel loaders and material handlers fill recycling roles

Y3Wl_PygnkLVITpu9IDIV6Vs2QEv72222mwSXKBPDYXUNjIby Jon M. Casey

At a plant tour of JCB North America in Savannah, GA, attendees learned that JCB North America experienced a record year in 2014, including the single largest sales year in its history. This growth coincides with JCB’s 70th year in business worldwide, its 45th year doing business in North America as well as its 15th year of manufacturing in Savannah. Machines destined for use at recycling facilities made up a portion of those sales.

According to Arjun Mirdha, President and CEO of JCB North America, JCB North America achieved a 23 percent increase in sales over 2013, marking its fifth consecutive year of growth. “JCB’s global sales were helped by a strong North American construction equipment market that grew by 13 percent in 2014.” [Read more…]