OSC Manufacturing & Equipment Services Offers Contractors the Latest in C&D Equipment

2601by Jon M. Casey

OSC Manufacturing & Equipment Services, Inc. (OSC) was born out of the need for a free-standing arm of the OSC Group, according to Jon M. Williams, OSC President and CEO. With three locations in Buffalo, NY, Toronto, ON and Winnipeg, MB, the continued growth of OSC, a company devoted to specialty contracting including environmental and demolition contracting throughout the western hemisphere, brought about the creation of OSC Manufacturing & Equipment Services. The results are impressive. [Read more…]

Holy Trinity Parochial School is No More

001.-Grapple-eqioped-345-Excavator-loading-80-cu.-yd.-Kruz-trailer1by Joe Parzych

The Holy Trinity Parochial School in Greenfield, MA, has had its day in the sun. Built in 1929 by General Contractor George Reed of Greenfield, the school opened in 1930. Armando Bresciano, now 97, was one of the first students to enroll. Mr. Bresciano’s mind is sharp, despite his years, and he recalled many details of the school. He was even able to spell all the names, only having trouble with his uncle’s last name. [Read more…]