Large screener crusher attachment turns loaders and excavators unto high efficiency processing machines for mining applications

ALLU M-Series Screener Crusher 1 copyAs costs for fuel, personnel, equipment and regulatory compliance rise, the extraction of resources from the ground in North America is becoming more expensive and complex. Inefficiency in the mining process adds to the cost of doing business, and often is a result of unnecessary processing steps, extra handling and wasted material. [Read more…]

St. Louis Composting profits from new Komptech Multistar XXL Jon M. Casey

It wasn’t too long ago that Patrick and Rebecca Geraty made the move from full time landscaping contractors to that of a full time compost producer. That was in 1992. Since then, St. Louis Composting has grown from a single site operation to the St. Louis Metropolitan area’s largest composting company with six facilities that this year, will process upwards of 1 million cubic yards of green material. More importantly, Patrick has taken recycling seriously to the point that he serves on the Board of Directors of the US Composting Council®, one of the foremost authorities in the world of recycling. [Read more…]