Low Speed Shredders are surprisingly versatile tools

0018by Jon M. Casey

When it comes to recycling wood waste, MSW and C&D materials, nothing beats a low speed shredder to help get the job done. With more than a dozen brands of portable shredders available to recyclers in the U.S. market, it comes as no surprise to find that recyclers have come to realize the usefulness of the low speed shredder. In many cases, a low speed shredder is used as a first grind for wood products like mulch and biomass. In other instances, they are used as the sole reduction tool, capable of shredding everything from mattresses and carpets to whole automobiles and everything in between. [Read more…]

New crusher makes recycling concrete fast and easy

A-JON-0135by Colleen Suo

For nearly 50 years, John Schivito has been leading A-JON Construction of Springfield, PA through its paces. Fresh out of the Army at age 22, John got a job with a local contractor. Soon thereafter, he started out on his own by removing and replacing concrete blocks in sidewalks in downtown Philadelphia. Once he found that he could make a full time living after graduating to flatwork and curb work, he started his own business. [Read more…]