Dem-Con looks to Rotochopper™ for asphalt shingle recycling equipment

0591by Mary Weaver

photos by William Weaver

Dem-Con Companies is a rapidly growing, third-generation recycler that began as the Louisville Landfill in the 1960s. In 2001, Mark Pahl and Jason Haus together purchased that business from Pahl’s father (and Haus’s father in-law), becoming Dem-Con companies. Today, Haus serves as CEO of the operation while Pahl is COO. Dem-Con currently processes material through a group of five business units, all under the Dem-Con Companies umbrella. These operations include Dem-Con Recovery & Recycling (DCRR), Dem-Con Materials Recovery (DCMRF), Dem-Con Shingle Processing (DCSP), Dem-Con Landfill (DCL), and Dem-Con Metal Recycling (DCMR). [Read more…]

Wagner Wood offers a variety of products and services including natural and colored mulch

0061by Joe Parzych

Wagner Wood is an amazing company run by brothers Hank and Buzz Wagner. They are based at a large facility in Amherst, MA that once was home to a dairy farm run by their grandfather, Howard Wagner. The brothers still farm 100 acres of cropland and 60 acres of hay land, some of which they rent. They also raise 55 head of beef cattle. Then, of course, there’s the wood business, Wagner Wood, a logging and mulch operation that serves Massachusetts and New England. [Read more…]