The Rockster-technology: Perfect for Asphalt-Recycling

Broken asphalt recycling is profitable and it also protects the environment. Recent machine tests conducted by recyclers showed that Rockster ‘s technology is ideal for recycling old asphalt.

A well-known Austrian asphalt mixing plant operator recently supplied Rockster with real value calculations which are definitely impressive. Even with addition of only 10 % recycled asphalt the ROI of a Rockster R900 Impact crusher with screen box RS86 and return belt RB75 would slightly more than six months. Where formulations allow, it is possible to add up to 25% of recycled asphalt as a cold addition. That scenario, the ROI theoretically could be less than 4 months. Their calculations also revealed the bitumen savings. When using 25% recycled asphalt, 1,200 tons of bitumen can be saved over the same period. The fact that this recycling process also helps to protect the environment, is undoubtedly an expedient side effect. More importantly, by recycling the broken asphalt, the companies can realize additional earnings and save landfill costs. [Read more…]

Recycling with efficiency

Sandvik Distribution Center 013Developing a solid relationship with Demolition Technologies Specialized Services, Inc., enables Crushing Tigers and Sandvik to impact the demolition and recycling industry in Oklahoma

by Giles Lambertson on behalf of Sandvik.

Concrete products are manufactured to last almost forever. So why discard the sturdy material just because the useful life of a building or highway has ended? Sending old concrete to a landfill didn’t make sense to Terry McAfee and his son David. As a result, they embarked on a mission to recycle concrete, and Sandvik equipment is helping them. [Read more…]